Canna 'Lucifer' | Perennial Bareroot Plant
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 Canna 'Lucifer' | Perennial Bareroot PlantCanna 'Lucifer' | Perennial Bareroot Plant 

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Canna 'Lucifer' | Perennial Bareroot Plant

Large red flowers with green foliage. Grows to 90cms in height.


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Large red flowers with green foliage. Grows to 90cms in height. Hailing from the tropics of the Americas, Cannas will bring a touch of the exotic to your garden.  These tall plants will grace any sunny and sheltered site and work well when placed at the mid-back of borders. They can also be grown successfully in large pots as a stunning focal point.   The root of the canna is called a rhizome, which is really the underground stem and the stalks shoot up from this rhizome. They have been grown as annuals previously but with some winter protection they will regrow the following year. Cannas will give of their best grown in full sun with moderate water in well-drained rich or sandy soil.

For more information on bare roots please click here.

Please note the second picture is a 'general' bare root picture and all varieties will look different when they arrive. You will receive full planting instructions with delivery. 

Product Code:  CANLUC050318
Brand:  Brookside Nursery
Supplied as:  1 Bare Root
Habit:  Upright
Height:  90cm (36")
Position:  Full Sun
Flower Colour:  Red
Plant Type:  Perennial
Flowering Period:  July - September

Bare root perennials will benefit from a soak in a bucket of cold water for an hour before planting, to ensure that the roots are fully hydrated.

Dig a large enough hole to plant the whole root, without damaging it, and incorporate fresh compost with the soil to aid drainage.

Plant not too deeply but making sure the roots are covered with compost/soil mixture.  The crowns (the tops of the plants) should be just 2/3cms below soil level.  If you can see a tiny amount of shoot or greenery make sure this is just above ground level.  Firm gently in ensuring there are no air pockets under or around the roots and water the area well.  This should be all the moisture they need until you can see the plants are actively growing. Once your plants are around 15-20cms in height you can give them a general-purpose feed.

Place a cane or label in the ground next to your bare root perennial just before you cover the roots over so that you know where and what you have planted.

*Do not plant bare perennials if the ground is waterlogged or frozen. If you need to plant when a very cold spell of weather is forecast, cover the area with cardboard or plastic sheeting to keep the worst of the cold out.

Alternatively, a very successful way to start off your bare root perennials is to plant up each bare root plant into a pot using fresh compost. Ensure that the pot is large enough for the roots to spread evenly in the pot. Sprinkle the roots with a mycorrhizal powder.  Plant not too deeply but making sure the roots are covered with compost. The crowns (the tops of the plants) should be 2/3cms below soil level. Water in well and place a label into each pot. Leave until early/mid-spring or once the weather is more clement, when they can be planted in their final flowering positions in the garden border.

The plants can be cut back in late autumn once they have flowered or you can keep the seedheads on as they look very pretty. 

Brookside Nursery Top Tip - Remember to water your bare root plants from spring throughout their first growing season to help establish healthy strong plants.

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Our bare root perennials are available for dispatch during week commencing 5th March 2018 and  12th March 2018. If you have also ordered plants for dispatch during week commencing 12th March, we will dispatch your bare roots with your plants during that week. If you have ordered bareroot plants only, we will dispatch your order via Royal Mail 48 or Parcelforce 48 during your selected dispatch week.

For more advice and information about bare root plants, please click on the advice tab above.

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