Cucumber Carmen Female | 5 Large Plug Plants
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Cucumber Carmen Female | 5 Large Plug Plants

These F1 female-flowering Cucumber plug plants are a very early, quick strong grower producing long fruits of superb 'bitter-free' quality.

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Carmen cucumber, from the same breeder as Femspot, is new and replaces the discontinued femspot,this female-flowering cucumber with good resistance to powdery mildew, scab and leaf spot. Cucumbers plants are notoriously difficult (and expensive) to grow from seed. Remove the risk by buying our greenhouse ready plug plants.

Grow on in 10cm for 3-4 weeks, then plant out into growbags. Full growing instructions supplied. You will receive a pack of 5 Premium Quality Professionally Produced Cucumber Plug Plants. All orders are carefully packed and shipped in our specially designed packaging. For our Cucumber Plants Growing Guide Click Here

Or buy as part of our Greenhouse Vegetable Plant Collection. 

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Brand:  Brookside Nursery
Supplied as:  5 Large Plug Plants
Position:  Full Sun
Suitable for Patio Containers?  Yes
Harvesting Period:  July to October
Spacing:  60cm (24") Apart
Botanical name:  Cucumis sativus

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Size guide - Pack of 5 Large Plug Plants 

Pot Ready, Large, Healthy plants individually rooted in large plugs of compost. Ideal for planting into baskets, containers or small areas in the garden. Best results achieved if grown on for a short while in 9cm/10cm pots prior to planting out if planting straight into garden borders. Tender varieties will need protecting from frost. Compost volume around 4-5cm deep x 3-4cm square. Foliage height 5cm-12cm (depending on variety). Full growing instructions are provided.

General Growing Advice

Using a good quality multi-purpose compost, pot up your plugs into 10cm pots.  Once your plug plants have been potted on and labelled, water them in well and grow on for around 3-4 weeks.  Water once the compost starts to dry out but remember.

If preferred you can pot on the plugs into hanging baskets, flower bags or pots. Add a slow release plant food like Miracle-Gro Slow Release All Purpose Plant Food  to your compost which will give extra nutrients for strong and healthy plant growth.

Keep plants frost free until mid/late May and then harden off before being placed in their final positions when the risk of frost has passed in your area.

Water as necessary giving a liquid feed such as Neudorff Organic Plant Feed as instructed throughout the growing season.

***For packs of 40 plug plants gently remove the small plugs from the tray by pushing up from the bottom using a pencil. 

Cucumber Specific Advice 

Cucumbers are notoriously difficult to cultivate from seed. With our professionally grown plug plants you’ll be able to easily grow your own fresh, crisp cucumbers.

Greenhouse cucumbers are parthenocarpic, that is they produce fruit without fertilization of the flowers. We supply Femspot which is an all female F1 variety which has disease resistance and tastes great!

Transplant your plugs on the day you receive them if you can. Use a good quality , free draining multipurpose compost. 10cm pots (4”) are the best size to use. If you are using old pots, make sure you sterilise them first to remove any pathogens. We find Jeys Fluid to be the best, if you can’t find any, give them a good wash with warm water and soap.

 Fill your pots with compost up to about 1cm below the rim. Don’t compact the compost in the pot. Make a hole in the centre roughly the same size as the plug plant. Handle the plant gently by the leaves or root ball place in the hole, minimising compost compaction below the plug. Try to make sure the surface of the plug
is not buried Firm lightly around the plug.

Just as with  tomato plants, you can grow cucumbers up canes in a grow bag. Make sure they get enough compost for their roots by using grow pots in the grow bag ... or big pots (about 9”) with the bases cut away and planted into the bag. This makes them easier to water and feed ... and you’ll get healthy growth from your cucumber plants if you can keep them constantly watered and feed when the first fruits start to appear.

Plant Care
Watering and feeding should be carried out on a ‘little and often’ basis according to the requirement of the crop.  However do avoid letting the plants run dry. This doesn’t mean you can drown your plants once a week and leave your plants standing in water and think you’ve down a good job! What you’ll need to do is ensure the soil your plants are growing in remains moist but not water-logged at all times – don’t water the plants rather water the soil or compost surrounding the plants – this will encourage the shallow roots to grow strongly. If possible, try to maintain  the green house temperature around16oC, and avoid cold draughts as cucumbers are susceptible. Apply coolglass to protect the fruit from the glare of the midsummer sun.

Pests and diseases to look out for:
A whole host of pests and diseases can attack Cucumbers under glass, but not  many are likely to trouble you. Whitefly, aphid and red spder mite will usually appear, and so will powdery mildew if the compost is dry and the air is moist. Keeping the compost too wet leads to root rot or botrytis. Monitor the pest population in the greenhouse using sticky traps.

Cut (do not pull) when the fruit has reached a reasonable size and the sides are parallel. Use secateurs or a sharp knife. Pick regularly – cropping will cease if you allow the fruit to mature and turn yellow on the plant.

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