Fuchsia microphylla 'Silver Linings' (Miniature Flowered Encliandra)  | 5 Large Plug Plants
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Fuchsia microphylla 'Silver Linings' (Miniature Flowered Encliandra) | 5 Large Plug Plants

These Fuchsia Silver Lining (miniature flowered encliandra) have small silver leaves accompanied by tiny vibrant pink flowers. 

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By popular request we have added two exciting Fuchsias to our extensive range for 2020, Fuchsia microphylla ‘Silver Linings’ and Fuchsia microphylla Pink. 
‘Silver Linings’ has dainty hanging magenta-pink tubular bell petals with a silver sheen to the leaves and ‘red’ coloured stems make this fuchsia one for your collection. It makes a very pretty silver foliage bush. 
The nectar rich flowers will be loved by bees in its long season of interest, with flowers from May to July and longer and glossy black berries in autumn.

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Brand:  Brookside Nursery
Supplied as:  5 Large Plug Plants
Habit:  Upright
Eventual Height:  70cm (28")
Eventual Spread:  45cm (18")
Position:  Sun or Partial Shade
Primary Flower Colour:  Pink
Suitable for Hanging Baskets?  No
Suitable for Patio Containers?  Yes
Scented?  Not Scented
Plant Type:  Half-Hardy Shrub
Botanical name:  Fuchsia x hybrida

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Size guide - Pack of 5 Fuchsia Plug Plants 

Pot ready, large, healthy plants individually rooted in large plugs of compost. Ideal for planting into baskets, containers or small areas in the garden. Best results achieved if grown on for a short while in 9cm/10cm diameter pots prior to planting out if planting straight into garden borders. Tender varieties will need protecting from frost. Compost volume around 4-5cm deep x 3-4cm square. Foliage height 5cm-12cm (depending on variety). Full growing instructions are provided.

Please Note - Our fuchsia plug plants have been 'pinched out' to encourage the development of bushy side shoots. Pinching the growing tip during the early growing phase produces stronger, neater plants with lots more flowers and prevents 'leggy' growth.


Fuchsias are stunning and can be planted in all manner of containers, baskets or situations. They are very rewarding and extremely easy to grow from plug plants.

Transplant your plugs on the day you receive them if you can. Use a good quality, free draining multipurpose compost. 10cm pots (4”) are the best size to use. If you are using old pots, make sure you sterilise them first to remove any pathogens. We find Jeys Fluid to be the best, if you can’t find any, give them a good wash with warm water and soap.

Your Fuchsias can be moved to their final positions, whether container, basket or into open ground, as soon as they have developed a good root ball. Carefully remove the pot and check the roots -they should be white and fill the pot evenly.

Depending on how you wish to display your fuchsias – for instance in a hanging basket or as pot plants - removing the growing point will encourage the production of side shoots to produce a well-proportioned plant. Trailing varieties will benefit from one pinch whereas a bush variety may require two or more. Pinching will delay flowering by approximately 6 weeks but the improved display makes the wait well worthwhile!

Watering is perhaps the most important task during the growing season, two very simple but basic rules being; never allow the plants to dry out and never allow the plant to stand in waterlogged conditions for any length of time. Over watering can result in flower and leaf drop. (Water standing for a very short period in a tray or plant saucer will not cause harm). Aim to water in the evening and to keep the soil evenly moist. In very hot weather an overhead spray will be beneficial.

Fuchsias are fast growing plants and regular feeding will be necessary to sustain them, starting with a balanced feed applied weekly approximately six weeks after potting. Large plants, especially those planted in baskets, may be fed more often to ensure a long flowering period.

Botrytis (Grey Mould) and Rust are the two main diseases affecting fuchsias. A well-grown plant seldom succumbs, so the best defence is to pay careful attention to growing conditions, watering, feeding, etc., and to inspect your plants frequently for signs of disease. If treatment is required several treatments are available.

Fuchsia ‘Silver Linings’ is classed as a half hardy plant so may need to be brought into a cool but frost-free position in colder areas.  Once established in a position it likes in the garden, it is hardy down to -5˚C.

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