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Gladioli are classic herbaceous perennials that grow from bulbous corms covered with fibrous papery skin and are very easy to grow given the right growing conditions.
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Gladioli 'Byzantinus' | 10 Corms per Pack

Gladioli 'Byzantinus' | 10 Corms per Pack£3.99

This beautifully graceful and tall Gladioli plant is one of our favourites, with its rich magenta spikes of funnel-shaped flowers, that will grace any summer flower border.

Gladioli Giant Flowering 'Mixed' | 25 Corms per Pack

Gladioli Giant Flowering 'Mixed' | 25 Corms per Pack£5.99

This selection of giant sized gladioli is a bright rainbow mixture of colours, as illustrated, with colours ranging from white, through to startling red.

Gladioli Giant Flowering 'Peter Pears' | 10 Corms per Pack

Gladioli Giant Flowering 'Peter Pears' | 10 Corms per Pack£3.99

‘Peter Pears’ (pronounced ‘Peers’), named after the English tenor, is one of the classics in gladioli history and was first introduced in 1958.

Gladioli Giant Flowering 'Plum Tart' | 10 Corms per Pack

Gladioli Giant Flowering 'Plum Tart' | 10 Corms per Pack£3.99

Gladioli Plum Tart has glorious, richly coloured magenta-purple showy flowers that spread along the tall stems atop the sword-like foliage and will give a ray of warm colour to your late summer border.

Gladioli Giant Flowering 'Priscilla' | 10 Corms per Pack

Gladioli Giant Flowering 'Priscilla' | 10 Corms per Pack£3.99

With outstanding flower power, Gladioli Priscilla is the most glorious Gladioli

Gladioli Nanus 'Nymph' | 10 Corms per Pack

Gladioli Nanus 'Nymph' | 10 Corms per Pack£3.99

This variety of Gladioli is a stunner with its ‘hand-painted’ raspberry-cerise markings that look like lipstick kisses on the white petals.

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Latest Reviews from our Customers
Winter colour
Sunday, 12 January 2020  |  Sally

I purchased some winter pansies for a bit of colour over winter. Was very pleased with them. Excellent packaging and strong healthy plants.

Stunning display of large flowers ...
Thursday, 9 January 2020  |  Roger

Arrived in early 2019 as healthy plug plants and planted in various locations around the garden. Foliage is not particularly attractive but these plants do produce a profusion of eye-catching flowers over a long period. The root system is not very substantial (for a plant of their size) so avoid planting in a wind-exposed site. Other websites suggest these plants are best regarded as an annual.

Vine weevil killer
Thursday, 9 January 2020  |  Sheila

This is by far the best treatment for vine weevil . Good service and free delivery a bonus

Excellent Cabbage
Monday, 6 January 2020  |  MJ

Good strong plants delivered in the week requested, very firm heads live up to their name with a small core.

outstanding begonia-have ordered them for the past 4 years
Wednesday, 27 November 2019  |  Susan

The glossy ,shiny dark green leaves of this begonia contrast with the red flowers to make a stunning plant-I wouldn't be without it. Each year I plant a single ones in each 25cm pot and put the pots as a feature in the front garden. I get many admiring comments . They grow to about 40-45cm tall and are bushy. They last well into October and then once the foliage has died down I keep them frost free. They then start into growth in the Spring. I order a new pack each year and also now have 11 older plants--great value !

Attractive and well made
Friday, 15 November 2019  |  Derek

Bought a couple of these after seeing them displayed on the Brookside stand at a show. Solidly made and they look great outside my front door, where they have attracted much positive comment.

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