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Kniphofia are robust, clump-forming, rhizomatous perennials, perhaps better known as red hot pokers. They prefer a sandy soil that has well-rotted organic matter dug into the area before planting. They will also grow in most garden soils in full sun or partial shade in a spot that is adequately well-drained and not waterlogged., especially in winter.

Divide established clumps in late spring.
Brookside Nursery Top Tip – In the first winter after planting, tie the stems together to protect the crown of the plant from severe frosts. Once established this hardy plant can withstand temperatures down to -20C when planted in the right conditions.

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Kniphofia 'Orange and Vanilla Popsicle' | 3 Jumbo Plug Plants

Kniphofia 'Orange and Vanilla Popsicle' | 3 Jumbo Plug Plants£10.99

A compact and neat variety of Kniphofia with beautiful flower spikes that are orangey-red at the top graduating to a creamy-vanilla at the bottom.

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Latest Reviews from our Customers
Tuesday, 10 March 2020  |  Nicholas

Informative and helpful. Promptly delivered.

Beautifuk variety of glowing orange and red
Monday, 9 March 2020  |  Jane

Very strong plants - even the rain hasn't broken them. Glowing orangea and red in a variety of patterns.
Look fabulous in my blue bowls and cheer me up in this wet weather. Will get more for next year.

Great catalogue.
Monday, 9 March 2020  |  Les

Great catalogue, full of everything you need to know.

Monday, 9 March 2020  |  David

A very informative catalogue, well designed for promotion of products.

Always excellent
Sunday, 1 March 2020  |  Dirk

I have been with Brookside for two years. The plants are always good. Itís great to be able to choose your delivery week, especially as you can choose different weeks for different plants. So I get my petunias early but, for instance, my Coleus, which are quite temperature sensitive, much later.

A very informative Catologue
Saturday, 1 February 2020  |  Graham

So many lovely plants in there and i shall be submitting my Order for Bedding Plants soon.

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