New Planted Plantopia Hanging Baskets - Bespoke
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New Planted Wire Mossed Hanging Baskets - Brookside Selected Mixture

New Planted Wire Mossed Hanging Baskets - Brookside Selected Mixture£34.00

Collection from our Nursery in Staffordshire.

New Planted Plantopia Hanging Baskets - Bespoke

Collection from our Nursery in Staffordshire.
Plantopia Basket Size:  
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Special Instructions:  
Use this space if you have chosen a bespoke basket to tell us of your special requirements,
such as colour schemes, favourite plants etc... we will do our best to accommodate.
Standard baskets will be a specially selected Brookside Nursery Mix
570327 Price:  £29.00

Our easy fill hanging baskets look great planted up with our own-grown plants. The baskets are re-usable year after year too and come complete with a water reservoir meaning they'll need watering less often than the standard mossed baskets. We grow all of the plants we use in our baskets on our Nurseries enabling us to use the ‘pick of the crop’ in our hanging baskets when we start to plant them up from late April Onwards.

Use the drop down boxes above to select either 12", 14" or wall basket. Size refers to diameter of basket measured across the top. 

Baskets usually take around two weeks to plant, settle down and mature in our greenhouses so please bear this in mind when selecting collection date.

Use the special instructions to tell us about the colour scheme and/or plant types you would like included in your basket. We will do our best to accommodate your requests, please make sure you include a telephone number and email so we can contact you if we need any further information about your requests. You can request lots of varieties of trailing plants, which include and not limited to, Fuchsias, Surfinia, Lobelia, Geraniums, Busy Lizzies & Bacopa. Years of experience have allowed us to produce spectacular combinations of flowers and contrasting foliage, which will be the envy of your neighbours all summer.

If you would like us to pick our own specially selected mixture please click here for this option.

Enquires from Pubs, Business, Local Councils welcome. Please contact us for a quote.


Brand:  Brookside Nursery

How often should I water my hanging basket?

  • During the summer months, your hanging basket needs watering daily, either in the morning or evening.
  • Familiarise yourself with the ideal feel and weight of your hanging basket when fully planted, and if it feels lighter than normal, water more often.
  • Take a pinch of compost from under the surface to test for moisture content; ideally it should hold together but not be dripping wet or too dry and flaky.

Other Hanging Basket Hints & Tips:

  • Deadhead blooming plants. As flowers fade and die, remove them by pinching them off where they meet the stem. This promotes the formation of new flowers. Otherwise the plant may put its energy into creating seed.
  • In a mixed basket, replace plants as needed. Don’t be afraid to remove a plant from a mixed planting if it has finished blooming. Ease it out, being careful of the other plants, and replace it with something else. Alternatively, plug the space with more soil and allow the other plants to fill the gap.
  • Cut back leggy plants. If the plants start to look straggly, don’t be afraid to cut them back. Most common hanging plants, such as verbena, petunias and impatiens, will produce denser new growth 

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Be the first to Write a Review for this item!

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