Pepper La Bomba | 5 Vegetable Plug Plants
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Pepper La Bomba | 5 Vegetable Plug Plants

Like its name may suggest, this jalapeno type of pepper has an excellent flavour and medium heat content.


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Like its name may suggest, this jalapeno type of pepper has an excellent flavour and medium heat content.   Strong sturdy plants with dark green narrow 8-10cm fruits that are best harvested when they are still green in colour before turning red.  

Suitable for container gardening or if growing in the vegetable patch, dig a hole that will generously accommodate the plant's root ball, and mix compost or well-rotted farmyard manure and a handful of low-nitrogen, organic fertilizer into the planting hole. 2000shu

Advice - Pot on your plug plants into individual pots filled with a good quality multi-purpose compost and keep them warm and protected from cold and frost.  Harden off gradually before planting out into their growing site in late May or early June (when risk of frost and cold nights have passed in your area).

Or buy as part of our Hot Pepper (Chilli) Collection.          

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Brand:  Brookside Nursery
Supplied as:  5 Vegetable Plug Plants
Habit:  Upright
Eventual Height:  40cm (16")
Eventual Spread:  40cm (16")
Position:  Full Sun
Suitable for Patio Containers?  Yes

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Size guide - Pack of 5 Vegetable Plug Plants 

Our vegetable plugs are healthy, strong plugs in mini-plugs of compost. Will need to be transplanted and grown on before planting out. Tender varieties will need protecting from frost.   Compost volume around 2.5 – 3.5cm deep x 1.5 - 3cm square. Foliage height 1.5cm-5cm (depending on variety). Full growing instructions are provided

Peppers and chillies are brilliant for growing in pots or in growbags outside in a sunny sheltered spot and they will flourish in the warmth of a greenhouse or windowsill too.

  • If you are growing your chillies and peppers outside, they will need to be potted on individually first and then hardened off for a week or two to acclimatise to outdoor temperatures before planting out after the last frosts.
  • Plant into large pots (at least 30cms in diameter) on a sunny patio in multi-purpose compost or into the veg patch.
  • Pinch out the growing tips of chilli peppers when they about 20cms high. This will encourage more side shoots which will in turn make a bushier plant producing more chillies. 
  • Bell peppers (Celica) are best left without pinching out the tips as this will delay fruiting.
  • Feed with a liquid tomato fertiliser or similar, that is high in potash to encourage plenty of flowers and fruits to form.
  • As the weather turns colder towards the end of the season, cover plants grown outside with fleece at night to help the fruits to ripen fully.
  • If you are growing chillies and peppers inside, on a windowsill, in a conservatory or greenhouse they will benefit from being potted on in a general-purpose compost until they are big enough to be planted into a 30cms pot.   Pinch out the shoots, as before.
  • Indoor grown chillies will probably need pollinating by hand, which is easy and fun to do.
  • Brush pollen from one flower to another with a small paintbrush or cotton bud once the flowers appear. This will help the fruits set.
  • Feed regularly throughout the growing season with a liquid tomato fertiliser.
  • Damping down the greenhouse with water to keep the air humid, helps to keep deter red spider mite.  This also helps with tomato plants too.

Special requirements - Water pepper and chilli plants at the base and not with a watering can sprinkler as this can cause the fruits to rot.

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