Phlox paniculata 'Jade' | Perennial Bareroot Plant
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 Phlox paniculata 'Jade' | Perennial Bareroot PlantPhlox paniculata 'Jade' | Perennial Bareroot Plant 

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Phlox paniculata 'Jade' | Perennial Bareroot Plant

One of our favourite phlox varieties, having clusters of stunning pure white petals tipped with jade green and lush foliage.


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One of our favourite phlox varieties, having clusters of stunning pure white petals tipped with jade green and lush foliage. With a height of 40cm, this phlox is perfect to grow in patio pots and is ideal to grow where space is restricted.          

They will grow in any reasonably good soil that is fertile and moist, in sun or partial shade. Make sure the plants do not dry out during their first years growth as Phlox do not like their roots to dry out.

Phlox flower in the mid-summer months from July-September, making them a good all-rounder for summer displays. Our selection of Phlox will bring bright pinks, white and purple shades to your borders or tubs.

For more information on bare roots please click here. 

Please note the second picture is a 'general' bare root picture and all varieties will look different when they arrive. You will receive full planting instructions with delivery. 

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Brand:  Brookside Nursery
Supplied as:  1 Bare Root
Habit:  Upright
Eventual Height:  40cm (16")
Position:  Sun or Partial Shade
Primary Flower Colour:  White
Plant Type:  Perennial
Flowering Period:  July - September

Phlox Specific Advice

Plant the bare roots in pots of compost and let them grow on for 6-8 weeks before transferring them into the ground.

Water well to eliminate air pockets and bed in the root system. Once the plant is around 6” high  use a pelleted slow release fertiliser sprinkled around the base of the plant.

Deadhead once the flowers fade as this will encourage more flowering. Cut back in autumn and mulch around the plant with well-rotted manure.

General Advice

Bare root perennials will benefit from a soak in a bucket of cold water for an hour before planting, to ensure that the roots are fully hydrated. Dig a large enough hole to plant the whole root, without damaging it, and incorporate fresh compost with the soil to aid drainage.  Using a mychorrhizal plant powder sprinkled onto the roots will help to ensure that good root growth is achieved. The powder contains symbiotic fungi that will help the roots to draw in moisture and increase root spread.  This boosts the plants overall and they are quicker to establish and produce more healthy plants.

Plant not too deeply but making sure the roots are covered with compost/soil mixture.  The crowns (the tops of the plants) should be 2/3cms below soil level.  If you can see a tiny amount of shoot or greenery make sure this is just above ground level.  Firm gently in, ensuring there are no air pockets under or around the roots and water the area well.  This should be all the moisture they need until you can see the plants are actively growing. Once your plants are 15-20cms in height they can be fed using a multi-purpose feed.

Place a cane or label in the ground next to your bare root perennial just before you cover the roots over so that you know where and what you have planted.

*Do not plant bare perennials if the ground is waterlogged or frozen. If you need to plant when a very cold spell of weather is forecast, cover the area with cardboard or plastic sheeting to keep the worst of the cold out.

Alternatively, a successful way to start off your bare root perennials is to plant up each bare root plant into a pot using fresh compost. Ensure that the pot is large enough for the roots to spread evenly in the pot. Plant not too deeply but making sure the roots are covered with compost. The crowns (the tops of the plants) should be 2/3cms below soil level. Water in well and place a label into each pot. Leave until early spring or once the weather is more clement, when they can be planted into their final flowering positions in the garden border.


Our bare root perennials are available for dispatch during the month of March. If you have also ordered plants for dispatch in March, we will send your bareroots during the same week. Smaller orders are dispatched via Royal Mail 24, larger orders via Parcelforce.

If you have ordered bareroot plants only, we will dispatch your order during week commencing 4th March 2019 or if you order after this date we will dispatch within 3-4 days of ordering - these are sent via Royal Mail 48 or Parcelforce 48.

For more advice and information about bare root plants, please click on the advice tab above.

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