Mid-summer Mayhem in the Garden!

Wednesday, 28 July 2021  |  Alison

Peering out of the window on a cold, dreary, dark day in the depths of winter, I wonder if any of the plants I have nurtured for thirty years or so will ever bloom again.  But, by July I realise that they, and others I have planted (just in case) are once more taking over their allotted spaces in the ever-widening borders and certain elements need regular ‘Chelsea Chops’ to keep them vaguely in order.

Now I love a bit of effervescence in the garden, well quite a lot really, but mid-summer mayhem in my beds and borders can make all and sundry look a bit unkempt, so if your garden needs a little taming, here are a few easy jobs to do in your garden this summer to give you and your garden some room to breathe –


  • Aquilegia stems can be cut back to the ground leaving the leaf growth.  Unless you want seeds from individual plants, cutting back the faded flower stems can work wonders especially as they tend to flop onto the lawn once it has rained.
  • Dead head roses regularly, cutting back to an outward facing leaf. This will encourage new growth and possible later season blooms.
  • Honeysuckle can try and take over in my garden and although I said I like a bit of unruliness I don’t like other plants to be swamped and honeysuckle can be a bit of a thug that needs taming somewhat as it creeps through the border.  Get the secateurs and cut back the wayward stems.
  • Rhododendrons, once flowering is over, can be given a trim to remove the faded flower heads. Use sharp secateurs and cut just above the leaf growth. If your rhododendrons need more than a tidy don’t be afraid to take the garden shears to them to reshape. They will grow back.
  • Early summer flowering plants like delphiniums, foxgloves and lupins can have their main faded flowering stems cut back to leave the side shoots that will continue to give a smaller show of blooms.
  • Feed hanging baskets and container plants with a multi-purpose feed to give them much needed nutrients and keep them looking good. If some plants are looking a bit straggly cut them back. New growth and flowers will soon appear.
  • Cordon tomatoes will need extra attention as they put on quick growth so tie in main stems to their support cane and pinch out any side shoots. Feed regularly once the fruit trusses appear and water well.  Tomatoes growing in hanging baskets will need watering and feeding well too.
  • Take time to do ten minutes weeding every day. Its amazing how ten minutes flies by and all of a sudden you have been gardening for an hour.  Very therapeutic and you get the reward of sitting down for a well-deserved cuppa in your favourite spot in your garden, until of course you see another plant that needs a trim!
  • Look at  online now to order autumn plug plant pansies and spring bulbs ready to plant later in the season.

 Have fun and enjoy your garden,


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5 CommentsThursday, 22 April 2021  |  Alison


We are delighted to announce that Brookside Nursery has been voted the best online plug plant supplier in the UK by readers of Which? Gardening Magazine. We were rated 94% for website ease of use, 93% for quality of plants and top of the table for delivery, packing, customer service and value for money..........

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1 CommentThursday, 4 February 2021  |  Alison
February in the Garden 2021

February 2021 is here.  Who knows what to expect from the weather, let alone everything else going on in the world at the moment? Well, what we do know is that it will probably snow again (hurrah!) and there will be frosty, rainy and cold moments. However, if you look hard enough, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. We will see more daylight hours, sunny spells and we gardeners know that the anticipation of spring is just around the corner and the new growing season is almost upon us, so read on and see what you can be growing in February……

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Thursday, 4 February 2021  |  Alison
Blooming Beautiful Bulbs for year-round colour

Bulbs are not just for springtime.  Not just for the burst of yellow daffodils in March, although they are, and rightly so, the backbone of many a spring border.  But did you know that you can have a bulb in flower practically every day of the year? What’s more, bulbs (tubers and corms) are perennials.  They will be long lived in your garden and gradually, over time, increase in number, so better get planting now and throughout the year so you will always have beautiful flower bulbs, whatever the season.............

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