Blooming Beautiful Bulbs for year-round colour

Thursday, 4 February 2021  |  Alison

Bulbs are not just for springtime.  Not just for the burst of yellow daffodils in March, although they are, and rightly so, the backbone of many a spring border.  But did you know that you can have a bulb in flower practically every day of the year? What’s more, bulbs (tubers and corms) are perennials.  They will be long lived in your garden and gradually, over time, increase in number, so better get planting now and throughout the year so you will always have beautiful flower bulbs, whatever the season.

Plant in autumn to enjoy late winter and spring flowering bulbs.  From January, through February and into March and April sees the arrival of snowdrops, the dainty Cyclamen Coum, the intense blue colours of Iris reticulata, carpets of colourful crocus and then the bright and bold yellows of narcissus from March.  Elegant tulips and hyacinth give height and scent to borders and pots in April with fritillaries, lily of the valley and bluebells finishing the spring flourish in May.

Planting summer flowering bulbs in March will give you continuous flowers from June and throughout the summer months. Freesias, Camassia and Trieleia start the spring/summer party closely followed by bearded Iris and Liatris.  The list is endless, with exotic and tropical bulbs taking centre stage during the height of summer with Agapanthus, Eucomis and Alstroemeria lilies.  (Begonias are really easy to grow and will flower from June until the late autumn frosts. Our plug plants are ready to order now to give you a good head start to your summer displays).

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To add a dramatic touch to borders and pots with rich colours, texture and height, and give you plenty of cut flowers from mid-late summer, Dahlias, Gladioli and Cannas planted from April and May will fit the bill perfectly.  They can be planted in pots in spring, given protection in the greenhouse and put outside once the frosts are over in your area.  These bulbs will need lifting or given winter protection from frosts and wet soil but given some care they will reward you with flowers each summer.

For autumnal flowering bulbs think of Crocosmia, Hesperantha (Schizostylis), Nerines and Acidanthera which can all be planted from March onwards and will flower well into October and November.

Indoor bulbs are a must during the winter months so look no further than Paper White, the indoor narcissus, which, if planted in October will be in flower by mid-late December in time to fill the house with its heady perfume. The ubiquitous Amaryllis that is so often given at Christmas to bring winter joy to the kitchen window is easily grown. Once flowering is over, the flowering stem can be cut off and the Amaryllis plant can be placed outside in a shady spot to die down in the summer. In late autumn pot up the bulb with fresh compost bringing it into a cool spot to do its thing again.

Flowering bulbs are such good value, easy to grow and will give abundant displays year on year. So, start planning ahead now for year-round flowers in your garden and of course most of all enjoy your garden this summer.


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