Late spring Update

Thursday, 10 May 2018  |  Alison

Late spring Update

Seeds to sow NOW … ‘Gardening Which’ magazine recommendation…   Planting nectar rich flowers this summer…. Foxgloves and Peonies Fit for a Royal Wedding…….

Seeds to sow NOW

Have you tried our Brookside Nursery range of ‘Grow Your Own’ vegetable seeds?   

You don’t need a huge plot of land to be able to grow healthy, vitamin packed vegetables, salad leaves and herbs for all the family. In fact, you can get them involved too and not just in the picking and eating!  Children love to grow carrots and radish.

You can grow just about anything in containers, tubs and troughs and with many varieties of seeds developed to perform well in limited spaces, there is something for everyone to try.

These are Pea ‘Half Pint’ and Runner Bean ‘Hestia’ that we have grown from seed in just a few weeks and will be brilliant to grow in containers in a sunny situation.

So, if you have a balcony, window sill or space outside the back door for a pot or two, you can ‘Grow Your Own’. The satisfaction of nurturing and caring for seeds as they grow is one of life’s pleasures.   Beans, Peas, Parsnips, Turnips and many more are available now and within a short space of time you will be harvesting the best tasting vegetables without

Here is my selection of vegetable seeds that you can order and sow NOW: -

Ideal to grow in pots outside

Carrot ‘Purple Haze’

Runner Bean ‘Hestia’

Pea ‘Half Pint’

Ideal to grow on the windowsill

Salad Leaf Mixed ‘Oriental Leaves’

Salad Leaf ‘Mizuna’

Herb ‘Basil’

Pea Shoots ‘Serge’

Ideal to sow direct into the veg patch

Leaf Beet Perpetual Spinach

Turnip ‘Snowball’

Parsnip ‘Tender and True’

‘Gardening Which’ Magazine recommendation

**We had a mention in the April edition of ‘Gardening Which’ Magazine.  We are one of the few gardening suppliers that give our customers the option of choosing which week they would like to recieve their orders.

So, for example, if you are away on holiday during a particular week, you can decide which week would be best for you to take delivery of your plug plants, garden supplies, pots and trays.

Planting nectar rich flowers this summer

Diminishing natural habitats mean that it is even more important to encourage beneficial insects, as well as pollinating bees, to our own gardens and one of the best ways is to have a ready supply of different nectar-rich plants in flower for most of the year to attract the pollinators.

There are a wide variety available plants to choose from for this summer, like Verbena bonariensis, Lavender, Achillea and Echinacea. All of these, plus many more, are available to order now from our website.  Borage






Foxgloves and Peony Flowers -  Fit for a Royal Wedding – Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a Royal Wedding to look forward to next month, which means that florists and garden nurseries alike may want to peek at the television on the day to see which flowers and plants will be in sudden demand!

The bride to be, it has been said, has specific ideas of the type of flowers she would like in her wedding bouquet and floral displays that will grace St Georges Chapel, Windsor Castle on 19th May.    

When she was very young, Meghan’s mother gave her the nickname ‘Flower’, such was her love for all flowers, and this love for all things floral has continued, with a passion for blooms such as foxgloves, peonies and white roses.  Ms Markle herself has stated in the past that peonies are her all-time favourite flowers. She has posted many photographs of these beautiful blooms on her (now closed) Instagram page.

I wonder if the wedding date in mid-May was partly chosen as this is when all these beauties will be at their seasonal best, but we can probably expect to see many other British and Commonwealth flowers included in the table arrangements with light pinks, whites, peaches and orange shades along with bright spring foliage that is to be gathered from the Windsor Estate. Did you know that cut flowers last longer if foxgloves are included in the arrangements?

Time will tell, and we shall have to wait until the ‘big day’ to find out. The chosen florist will certainly not be letting on beforehand or she may well be whisked off to the tower!

One of the quintessential cottage garden plants, Foxgloves, are beautiful biennials that are instantly recognisable, with their towering stalks adorned with tubular flowers with spotting on the inner petals and can bloom from early summer onwards, and last over a long period of time, especially when grown in dappled shade.  

The botanical name of the foxglove is Digitalis, and the drug digitalin, extracted from the leaves, is still used in medicine today in the treatment of heart disease, but don’t try making your own lotions and potions as all parts of the plant are toxic.  (Foxgloves have long been associated with curing all manner of ailments, although you would have to know which bit of the plant to use as they can either kill or cure)! 

Foxgloves have wonderfully quaint names; Thimble-flower, fox chimes, fairy fingers and fairy hats are just a few and have foxgloves today remain as popular as they have always been surviving as they have since the thirteenth century, partly because they set seed readily and are forever renewing themselves.

Foxgloves are available to order online now, along with many other cottage garden essentials like Delphiniums, Achillea and Lupins so look on our website for all the latest availability.

Even better, if you are local to our nursery in the village of Hints, near Tamworth, Staffordshire we have some of the most gorgeous, voluptuous peony plants bursting into growth and various foxgloves along with many varieties of premium perennials, bedding plants, summer hanging baskets, pots and more.

In the meantime, wishing you a sun-filled warm May, have fun and enjoy your garden!


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