September in the Garden

Thursday, 5 September 2019  |  Alison

September in the Garden

I hope that your gardens, vegetable plots, hanging baskets, allotments, balconies, pots or window boxes have brought you joy this summer. My garden has been very green this summer and I have loved it.  What a difference from last year’s drought, unbearably hot temperatures making plants go into hibernation and the rather unbecoming straw-like lawn that miraculously recovered as soon as the rain touched it.  That’s is one of the things I love about gardening – you know what you are hoping for from plants, but nature may have other plans, and you have to go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

I am predicting warm September days to spend in the garden so here are my Brookside Nursery Timely Tips for September:-    

Time to buy a water butt - Water is literally the sustenance of life, so collecting all we can when it rains seems a no-brainer to me and it is a great back saver too if you site the water butt near the veg patch for ease of watering.  Quite often your local garden centre will be having an end of summer sale so you could buy two for the price of one.

Time to harvest tree fruits - It’s a good year for apples, pears, plums and damsons so pick them when they are at their best, which is always today not tomorrow, rather than let the fruits over-ripen, fall to the ground and be eaten by wasps.   Make jam, preserves and apple pies and make some damson gin ready for Christmas Day.

Time to feed the lawn - With the busy feet of children playing in the garden over the summer holidays your lawn will be ready for a bit of TLC.  Buy a specific autumn lawn feed because these are low-nitrogen feeds so as not to encourage sappy growth but will give your lawn a boost for the winter months. Follow the instructions on the pack.

Time to plant out pot grown perennials -  If you have had a good display of perennials in pots this summer, you can now plant them into the garden borders to make room for new autumn/winter displays.  Remove the loose old compost around the roots and plant them with new compost and water them in well.

Time to support autumn flowering plants -  The flowers of autumn are definitely chrysanthemums, asters, sedums and dahlias.  They are all quite tall and liable to topple in the September winds, so staking them to give support is vital.  I use bamboo canes and string around asters and if placed carefully they can be all but invisible – Remember though to pop a cane topper on each one so you don’t poke your eye out when picking or weeding.  In my garden I seem to have amassed the national collection of hose adapter bits and these are perfect for use as cane toppers! What do you use I wonder….  

Time to assess the garden -  Take a good look around your garden noting any plants or shrubs that need either pruning back or moving to a different site.   It is always a good idea to take photographs during the season of all your borders so that in September/October you can take away plants that don’t quite work and see where gaps are to add new plants.         

I am also going to be clearing out my greenhouse from top to bottom this weekend. I grew Outdoor Girl tomatoes outside this summer with a good success rate so my greenhouse is ready for a clear and a thorough clean….. I may have to do the house too but that’s for another week!

Have fun and enjoy your garden!


Brookside Nursery