The Brookside Nursery Guide to Easter weekend jobs in the garden

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Although Easter falls in early April this year, the spring equinox has arrived and the clocks have leapt forward, the rather inclement weather appears to be doing its best to delay springtime.  However, with the lengthening days, time waits for no man, so if you can get into the garden over the Easter Bank Holiday, (and which garden lover won’t want to be out there), you will not be short of a job or two to be catching up with, so check out my list below for some timely tasks to do this Easter weekend.

Brookside Nursery Top 10 tasks to do in the garden this Easter

  • If you have chitted some potatoes, tradition from the past that adhered to the year’s festivals and saints’ days dictates that they should be planted in the ground on Good Friday so if you can, get them in then.
  • Prune back any bush roses that you have not done yet.  Cut to just above a healthy outward facing bud and shape your rose bush to grow in an open rounded way.
  • Cut back to the ground last year’s dead perennial leaves and stems. You will probably see this season’s growth coming through now. Some perennial plants old foliage, like Montbretia, will come away when you pull them. 
  • How is your lawn looking?  Time for its first cut of the season, if you haven’t done it already. Set the blades higher for the first few cuts– you will be amazed how good it looks after that first cut. Trim the edges too for a finished look. Use a proprietary spring lawn feed to give the lawn a boost and follow the instructions on the pack.

  • Even though it has been cold, you will find that perennial weeds have already made an appearance, so get down on your hands and knees and with a hand fork, work over specific areas to clear bindweed and elder roots. It’s a really satisfying job to do, but you may need to use a garden fork on unruly areas.
  • Cornus, (Dogwoods), that have given of their best this winter with their fiery coloured stems,  can be cut back quite hard, knee height, to encourage new strong growth over the summer for next winters display.
  • Is your greenhouse ready for the summer? If not and the weather is fine, empty it out, clean the inside windows and any shelving with a disinfectant and only put back what you are really going to use. (Not – just in case I need it).

  • Neaten up any hedges or bushes that are a bit out of shape using secateurs or hedge trimmers, but be aware that birds are nesting now so keep an eye open for wildlife.
  • Have a good look at your spring borders and note where you may need more spring bulbs next year and make a note in your calendar to order them in late summer to plant in the ground during autumn.
  • If you ordered summer flowering bulbs from the nursery, plant them up in fresh compost in pots and keep an eye on them as they grow, planting them into their final flowering positions in late April or as the weather warms for spectacular blooms this summer.

Lastly if you have family or friends visiting, make sure you remember where the ‘Easter bunny’ has hidden all those chocolate eggs!

Have fun and enjoy your garden!

Brian Lakeman
Friday, 30 March 2018  |  13:57

Have you received my email regarding my plants not having been delivered on time Please
I await your comments
Brian Lakeman

Saturday, 31 March 2018  |  10:38

Hello Brian, very sorry to hear that you have not received your plant delivery. Would you be able to re-send your email to our customer services team at please and I'll ask them to look out for it and resolve this for you ASAP. Please be aware though that it may be Monday before we are able to to get back to you due to the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

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