Trending in a Garden near you in 2017

Thursday, 12 January 2017  |  Alison

Taking a peek at the hottest new looks in gardening and design for your home and garden for the new year ahead is always exciting and thought provoking to say the very least.  

Who says you have to have ‘this particular potted plant or that curious coloured vegetable’ growing in your flowerbeds?  Well, like everything else in life, we can pick and choose, adapt it to suit our own gardens and leave the rest.

But one trend we should all focus on in 2017 is looking after our garden wildlife and birdlife as more of our native garden visitors like hedgehogs, butterflies, bees and birds are less visible than ever before as their numbers have reduced over the last few decades.  So choose some plant combinations this year with butterflies and pollinating insects in mind and also if you can, provide a habitat for over wintering creatures.  Just a pile of sticks and logs in a corner in the garden is all it takes to give a home to a roosting wren, a beetle or two or a hibernating hedgehog.

Buddleja Buzz Sky Blue


Not moving house and instead making our gardens an extension to our homes is also trending this season with the continuing love of bringing the outside in and the inside out.  Floor styles are being replicated to continue in the same vein from the living/kitchen area inside to the patio area, with natural stone being a popular choice.  Bi-fold patio doors open out to seating areas with welcoming firepits, outdoor pizza ovens and barbeques.  

The ‘Scandi’ and Danish influences over the last year have a more minimalist look too, with the whitewashing of floors and chalky white hues on decking, brickwork and fences.  Fur (Fake) rugs and large outdoor candles finish the look and make for a cosy Danish ‘Hygge’ feel. 

Indoor gardening is booming in popularity after being lost in the wilderness for some years.  This is due partly to the fact that many home dwellers do not have access to a garden. The trend is slowly moving towards growing under lights, or the window-sill, in soil or hydroponically (without soil).  

Fresh foods can easily be grown year round indoors, from healthy micro greens and salad leaves (try our seeds of Chinese Mustard Green in Snow) to herbs and flowers.  Making your own herbal teas and home remedies are all stepping away from chemically loaded supermarket vegetables and getting back to growing organically and from the heart. 

Houseplants - Succulents are trending for 2017, as they look fabulous as tiny indoor gardens and table top gardens. They are easily grown, look exotic and are low-growing and low maintenance.  Bottle gardens and terrariums are ideal for succulents and cactus as they create their own micro-climate.  If you missed the 1970’s then now is your chance to have your own indoor bottle garden!

Cacti are also featuring highly in the garden fashion pages as well as the beauty pages of magazines as    ‘Cactus water’ is the health drink for 2017.  The juice is extracted from the Prickly Pear Cactus and is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help alleviate redness, calm the skin, boost it with moisture and also boost the immune system …. Sounds like we all need some of that after the New Year festivities… I will have a few litres thank you….

Some of the latest ideas filtering in through the gardening world may fill you with the joys of spring or leave you feeling as though you would like to return to yesteryear but whatever you choose to do in your garden in 2017, make it your own.

Have fun and enjoy your garden!



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