Durable Recycled Tyre Eco-Friendly Planters by Primeur

With a history spanning over 50 years along with a reputation for innovation and always pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved, it is no wonder that Primeur has an outstanding reputation for the quality of its products.

Based in Bingley, West Yorkshire, it is now bringing it excellence to the garden product market and with that same eye for being ahead of the game, has launched their ‘Eco Garden’ range of rubber innovations. Recycling the rubber tyres from cars and vehicles that would previously have gone to landfill, they have created a contemporary range of award-winning planters that not only look super stylish but come with assured durability and longevity. Unbreakable, softer yet stronger than the alternatives and with a self-watering reservoir, make a statement in your garden in more ways than one.



The unbreakable recycled rubber planters are highly durable, making them virtually indestructible. They will not crack, stain, rot or fade. The eco-innovation allows these planters to withstand extreme freezing conditions, which on more traditional pots can cause to crack and disintegrate over time.





With handy plugs at the bottom of the pots these can be used indoor or outdoor and its clever self-watering design allows for your plants to drink at their own pack.




Sonata Recycled Rubber Tyres Planter | 33cm Slate by Tierra Verde


The Sonata in slate is a stylish accessory for any contemporary garden space with its ascending squared off shape being ideal for decking areas, front door features and for enhancing business premises.

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Sonata  Recycled Rubber Tyres Planter | 50cm Steel Grey by Tierra Verde


With a colour that will suit those who love a modern garden look, the Sonata planter is much more than a stylish addition to your garden space.


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Eco Garden Serenity Recycled Rubber Tyres | 67cm Steel Grey Self Watering Planter


With a contemporary look courtesy of its linear etched design, the Serenity is certainly an eye-catching planter but it doesn’t stop there.


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