Felco | Swiss Precision, Made to Last

Felco - Swiss Precision, Made to Last 

With the renowned engineering prowess and precision of cutting implement that Switzerland is famous for, comes Felco, bringing you the highest quality of gardening tool for your professional gardening business or for the keen amateur arboriculturist.

Started over 70 years ago, Felix Flisch had a vision of manufacturing shears and pruners that delivered exceptional results yet without the historic weight and inflexibility of earlier designs. Determined to focus on the everyday usability of the product along with ensuring parts could be replaced for optimum results at all times, the Felco brand soon became the industry leader.

That dedication to exceeding expectations is still the same today, meaning that you are always assured of a product that delivers exceptional results time after time, with ergonomic designs that minimise unnecessary strain on the wrist and arm. As a company that is proud to be innovative in its approach to bringing you products that make a difference, Felco is proof that choosing quality is always worth it.


Here is a selection of the Felco products available here at Brookside Nursery - 

Felco Model 6 Ergonomic Bypass Secateurs | Medium Right Handed

Made with Felco’s legendary precision engineering for a perfect cut every time, and ergonomically designed for ease of use with rubber shock absorbers protecting against wrist strain, both amateur and professional gardeners will love both the look and feel of these highest quality right-handed secateurs. Perfect for pruning exactly where you need courtesy of the micro-metric setting mechanism, these will last throughout numerous growing seasons. Cutting Diameter 2cm (0.7"). 

Suits medium hands.

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Felco Model 16 Ergonomic Bypass Secateurs | Medium Left Handed


For the left-handed gardener who is looking for precision pruning instruments that deliver in terms of quality, usability and exacting cut, Felco are masters of their craft. These secateurs are manufactured with only the highest-grade materials to ensure assured use and longevity. Ergonomically designed, it almost feels as if they are an extension of your own hand, meaning you can be precise in your pruning whilst protecting the wrist from strain or injury. Cutting Diameter 2cm (0.7")

Suits medium hands

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Felco Model 322 Snips | Red

The quality of Felco’s products is instantly clear in this industrious pair of picking and trimming snips. Whether you are harvesting, cutting fresh flowers or working in a professional gardening setting, these deliver quality results yet are ergonomically designed to reduce stress and muscle strain. Suitable for both right and left-handed gardeners

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Felco Model 31 Ergonomic Anvil Secateurs | Large Right Handed

As you would expect from a company like Felco, these secateurs have been rigorously designed to make your pruning job a breeze. A bevelled cutting blade means that cutting through even dense wood is an easy task and as the Model 31 has been designed with both the left and right hander in mind, this is one quality piece of gardening kit that you should never be without. cutting Diameter 2.5cm (0.9")

Suits large hands.

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