How to Grow Brussel Sprouts | Sprouts Growing Guide

How to Grow Brussels Sprouts | Tips & Advice

Where & When to Grow

Brussels Sprouts are part of the Brassica family. This means they hate acid soil and unless your soil is alkaline it must be treated with lime when being prepared. The second important point is that the young plants must be planted out in firm soil otherwise the sprouts will not form properly. Sprouts need rich soil in a sunny location that has been limed if necessary. The ground should be prepared two weeks before planting by treading down to firm it and then lightly raked and a general fertilizer applied.

How to Grow

Seedlings should be ready to plant out between mid May and mid June when they are 4" to 6" tall The plants should be spaced at 2’ intervals in a row and 2’ between rows. Plant firmly and deeper than the seedlings grew so that the bottom leaves are just above the surface. Water the plants thoroughly after planting. Hoe regularly around the plants to keep the weeds down and they will benefit if a fine mesh net is used to cover them to avoid attacks by birds and butterflies who lay their eggs on the leaves so that their caterpillars can use them for breakfast, lunch and dinner


Sprouts will be ready to harvest from October onwards when the "buttons" are large enough working up from the bottom each picking


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