How to Grow Standard Fuchsias

How to Grow Standard Fuchsias Hints & Tips


standerd fuchsiaAs the plant grows it will need a longer cane and will need to be tied approximately every 7-10 cm / 3-4 inches. Take care not to tie the stem too tightly to the stick, a small loose loop is best, as at this stage the stem will be quite soft and is easily damaged.

As side shoots appear between the leaves and the stem, they should be pinched out, but not too soon, you can accidentally take the leaf off too if the shoot is small and difficult to take hold of. The plant needs its leaves on the stem to provide the energy for growth at this point.

Any flower buds that form should also be pinched out to prevent the plant from using energy up.

This part of the process is all about growing a tall single stem powered by the leaves that grow along its length and preventing it from forming side shoots that will make it bushy or flowers that will drain its energy.

Continue to tie in as the stem could get too heavy and snap if you don't. Don't worry too much about side leaves on the stem that are naturally lost, it is better if they aren't, but different varieties will lose or hang onto their leaves at different rates.

When the whip has reached the desired height Pinch out the buds that form and tie the stem in to the top of the stick for one last time.

When the growing tip is 3 pairs of leaves clear of the stick, pinch out the top.

Your pruning regime will now change to encouraging the plant to form a bushy top. Allow side shoots to develop above the stick but still continue to pinch out side shoots lower down but allow the main leaves to remain. the side shoots develop, pinch out the growing tips after 2 pairs of leaves. You are now trying to encourage side shoots and a bushy habit at the top, not long shoots.

When the head of the plant has built up a good amount of leaf, you can finally remove the side leaves up the stem to clear it and make the plant look a lot tidier.standard fuchsia

Once the plant has formed a good leafy head you can stop pinching out the growing tips and allow it to flower. Now sit back and enjoy your stunning Standard Fuchsias!

*Please note we do not supply standard fuchsias/ fuchsia whips, this is just a handy guide of information. 


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