How to Grow Sweet corn Plants | Sweet corn Growing Advice

How to Grow Sweet Corn Plants | Sweet Corn Growing Advice

Where & When to Grow
Sweet Corn is a form of maize where the plants grow from 4’ to 6’ tall and they yield one or two cobs / plant They need to be planted in rich soil which is well drained but holds moisture so the plants do not dry out. The site should be sunny and sheltered.
Prepare the ground by raking and adding a general fertilizer two weeks before planting.

How to Grow
Sweet Corn are weather sensitive and should not be planted out until all threat of frost has passed. The plants should be planted 18” apart in a block not a row,. This will help pollination.
Keep the soil moist, water in dry weather and apply fertilizer as the cobs form.

The cobs will form ready to be picked  in August / September. To check if ready pull back the covering sheath and pierce a couple of the seeds. If the liquid runs clear then the cob is not yet ripe. When the liquid is milky then the cob is ripe. If the liquid is thick then the cob is over ripe.
Cooking of the cobs should be done as soon as possible after picking. The longer the delay after picking the more the flavour will be spoiled.

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