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Pumpkin Atlantic Giant | 5 Large Plug Plants

Pumpkin Atlantic Giant | 5 Large Plug Plants£5.99


One of the world’s largest record-breaking pumpkin varieties, the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin can reach around a whopping 300kg in weight (often much bigger) if given the right conditions. 

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Latest Reviews from our Customers
Surfinia Hot Pink 84 plugs
Saturday, 15 January 2022  |  John

A bit long winded here but bare with me.
So this is a review I meant to do last year but forgot until it was time for me to reorder this year
I had never tried surfinias before, in fact I was unaware of their size and trailing ability until I saw a picture of them somewhere. So I used Brookside for the first time and you did not disappoint.
I received 84 Surfinia Hot Pinks and paid £45 then. I see the price has gone up a tad but its probably less than the rate of inflation so very acceptable. I keep a record of all garden purchases on a spread sheet so I know what I had paid back then plus I add a comment on the results of growth.
I can only applaud you for the way they were packaged and every plug plant came on. Yes I had to use my rather large polytunnel to protect them from a few surprise frosts but that is not unusual for most gardeners. When the weather warmed up they were then re-potted into 9" pots, left out and I had the enjoyment of seeing their growth. Many went into hanging baskets and I wish I could post up a picture here because they were the most astonishing displays I have ever had. Neighbours commented so much it became embarrasing. And they just flowered on way into autumn. O.K. a tad of miracle grow always helps and I did deadhead a few times. But yes.. one very happy gardener here and thank you Brookside!. Now I should add that my regular supplier in Jersey was taken over by another company and to say they had teething problems with deliveries would be an understatement plus they vastly increased their prices. So Brookside you now haver a customer who will be ordering some other plants from you now!. Don't let me down now and I will naturally review them too. But based on what I have received before and the numerous positive reviews from others I doubt I have anything to fear. My compliments to your staff and keep up the great work and .. roll on Spring! If you want me to send pics of my hanging basket surfinias then let me know how I can do so. For now.. a very worthy 5 stars! John in Gloucester

Monday, 3 January 2022  |  Michael

These Pots where in A1 won condition and well worth the cost, though at the moment they have not been used.

Monday, 3 January 2022  |  Michael

These Pots have not yet been used, but from the condition they are excellent quality and worth every penny. The overall service from Brookside Nursery was very good.

Stunning planters!
Monday, 3 January 2022  |  Tricia

Over the moon with this purchase
They look a stone affect & very grand looking!
Highly recommend

Healthy Plant
Thursday, 30 December 2021  |  Roger

This plant arrived at the time expected. It was a reasonable size and in good condition.

Kneeing pad
Tuesday, 28 December 2021  |  Julie

Order arrived really quickly and very pleased with kneeing pad good size, and good support to knees.
Would be happy to use Brookside Nursery’s again.

Brookside Nursery