What are Plug Plants?

Raising your garden plants from plug plants is the EASY, FUN & ECONOMICAL way to achieve great results in your garden with minimum fuss and maximum reward.

What are plug plants?

Plug plants are young plants – either seedlings or cuttings grown in single units in modular trays. This allows for minimum root disturbance when planting / potting on. They are a ready to plant unit, having been professionally nurtured through propagation & early growth stages. Essentially, think of plug plants as a halfway house between a seed and a fully-grown plant.


Benefits of our plug plants

Timed to Perfection: By choosing when you would like to receive your plug plants, you can determine exact planting times. No more waiting around for seeds to germinate.

Success with plug plants

All of our plug plants have been professionally propagated and raised in optimum conditions in modern greenhouses. We supply varieties selected from the best breeders around the world.

Reduce the hassle

By letting the professionals deal with the difficult early stages of plant raising, you reduce the need for any specialist propagation equipment. Get great results without the risk of buying seeds and seeing no benefits for your efforts.

Our Guarantee

We go out of our way to ensure that your plants arrive in perfect condition. If not we will refund or replace immediately. No quibble.

How to grow plug plants

  • Open Packaging Immediately on Receipt
  • Place the plants somewhere reasonably warm. If you have a greenhouse, around 16-18°C is the best temperature. Alternatively, a kitchen windowsill is a suitable place.
  • Allow the plants to settle and acclimatize for 2-3 hours.
  • Water your plants with clean tap water. The best way to do this is to place them in water for a few minutes and allow them to soak it up. A saucer or dish should suffice, alternatively the opened out transport packaging makes a handy container.
  • Transplant your plugs on the day you receive them if you can. Use a good quality, free draining multipurpose compost. 13cm pots (5”) are the best size to use. If you are using old pots, make sure you sterilise them first to remove any pathogens. We find Jeys Fluid to be the best, if you can’t find any, give them a good wash with warm water and soap.
  • Fill your pots with compost up to about 1cm below the rim. Don’t compact the compost in the pot. Make a hole in the centre roughly the same size as the plug plant. Handle the plant gently by the leaves or root ball place in the hole, minimising compost compaction below the plug. Try to make sure the surface of the plug is not buried Firm lightly around the plug.
  • Gently water-in your newly potted plants, with clean water and a fine rose, label your plants.
  • Grow on your plants in a fairly warm area such as a kitchen windowsill or greenhouse.
  • Start feeding your plants around 3 weeks after planting with a general feed.
  • Plant out your plants into their final growing position according to the instructions received with your plants. Enjoy!

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