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Great Value Plug Plants
We supply the best quality young plug plants from our nursery in Staffordshire delivered throughout the UK and Europe. Our Spring Bedding Plants, Hanging Basket Plants and Vegetable Plug Plants are now ready to order for you to grow on at a fraction of the cost of the plants in your local garden centre.

What Makes us Different?
Unlike most online plant suppliers, we allow you to choose when your plants are delivered. This allows you to accurately plan your crops, help you save money by avoiding unnecessary heating of greenhouses and reduce inconvenience around delivery timings. Read more

popular products this week
Verbena Aztec Magic Orchid (Trailing) | 5 Large Plug Plants

Verbena Aztec Magic Orchid (Trailing) | 5 Large Plug Plants£5.99

A sensational trailing Verbena producing cascades of rich green, fine serrated foliage smothered in masses of orchid pink flowers.

20% OFF
Narcissus Tete a Tete Bulbs | Pack of 100 Miniature Daffodil

Narcissus Tete a Tete Bulbs | Pack of 100 Miniature Daffodil£11.99

Narcissus Tete a Tete is one of the most popular dwarf daffodils. Standing at only 8in high, its small size makes Narcissus Tete a Tete ideal for planting in patio containers or at the front of the border.

Verbena Showboat Magenta (Spreading) | 5 Large Plug Plants

Verbena Showboat Magenta (Spreading) | 5 Large Plug Plants£5.99

Verbena Showboat Magenta plants become smothered in rose pink flowers all summer.

Haws Heritage Plastic Can 1 Litre | Duck Egg Colour

Haws Heritage Plastic Can 1 Litre | Duck Egg Colour£6.75

This Haws heritage plastic can is a  traditional style and is perfect for watering indoor pots and delicate seedlings.

Lettuce All Year Round (Butterhead) | Tray of 20 Plug Plants

Lettuce All Year Round (Butterhead) | Tray of 20 Plug Plants£4.99

A popular, reliable butterhead variety of lettuce producing medium heads with compact, crisp hearts from hardy, slow to bolt, reliable plants.

30% OFF
Grow Your Own Mushroom Kits

Grow Your Own Mushroom Kits£10.49

A fun idea as anyone can grow mushrooms and our Mushroom Kits are a great gift idea for foodies and gardeners alike.

Begonia Truffle Cream | 5 Large Plug Plants

Begonia Truffle Cream | 5 Large Plug Plants£9.99

A new series of Trailing Begonia for hanging baskets and containers; plants produce profuse delicate flowers with large outer petals and a tufted truffle centre.

20% OFF
Daffodil Double ‘Ice King’ | 5 Bulbs Per Pack

Daffodil Double ‘Ice King’ | 5 Bulbs Per Pack£3.15

A stunning addition to a spring border ‘Ice King’ has cream outer petals and fully double ruffled inner petals of cream/lemon yellows. 

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1 CommentFriday, 3 November 2017  |  Alison
November in your garden

Every month in the gardener’s calendar, something either needs pruning, digging, tending, planting or ordering and November is no exception to that rule.

October brought very mixed weather in from the Atlantic, with the remains of hurricane Ophelia and Storm Brian bringing gale force winds and high tides to many parts of the UK and Ireland, felling trees, wrecking sheds and greenhouses and generally bringing chaos to all involved. We were lucky at the nursery and I think living in the middle of the UK shields us from a lot of bad weather.

Friday, 13 October 2017  |  Alison
Autumnal thoughts on greenery and the joy of annual bedding plants

I wonder if it was an omen, good or bad, depending on your viewpoint, that Pantone chose a green shade, called Greenery, for their colour of the year for 2017. I say this because greenery has featured heavily in my garden this summer.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017  |  Alison
October in your garden

Did autumn seem to appear overnight this year where you live? It certainly did here in Staffordshire. As September faded, autumn arrived on the 1st October. Trees that were full of green leaves one day were transformed into the dazzling colours of autumn - golden yellows, oranges and reds that signify summer is a distant memory and winter not too far away. As the month progresses the leaves will get evermore colourful until a hard frost and a windy day blow them all to the ground.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017  |  Alison
September in your garden

It’s all change in September as the days become noticeably shorter, the sun’s rays are less strong and shadows stream across the garden in a languid manner in late summer giving a special light to all the late summer flowering perennials in the garden – a sure sign that autumn will soon be upon us and a hundred and one things to get done in the garden before winter sets in.

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