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Latest Reviews from our Customers
Here be dragon wings!
Thursday, 5 August 2021  |  Gwennan

I'm very happy with these fantastic begonias. The plugs arrived in excellent condition and have all thrived Ė even the one that lost most of its leaves in a squirrel attack early on. I've planted them in balcony railing troughs and they've spread out nicely to fill the available space. Some have been a little slow to flower, but the foliage is so lush and such a lovely shade of green, it's not a problem. And the ones that have bloomed look bright and cheerful and give an almost tropical look. I've found them to be low-maintenance, too. Please keep stocking these Red Dragon Wings as they're likely to become my summer planting go-to.

Fuchsia Snowburner
Thursday, 5 August 2021  |  Sheila

Lovely healthy plant and now blooming, thank you for providing me with such lovely plants.

Fuchsia Eva Boerg
Thursday, 5 August 2021  |  Sheila

Lovely healthy plant and about to bloom. Many thanks.

Fuchsia plant advancing Flame
Thursday, 5 August 2021  |  Sheila

Lovely healthy plant and now in bloom. Thank you

Superb service - thanks
Thursday, 5 August 2021  |  John

Lots of emails about my order and its delivery date. This is perfect for plants - you don't want them left on a doorstep (especially in the blazing weather we've recently had).
All the plants (not just the Asters) are good and healthy - I'll definitely be looking at the Brookside website again when I'm in the market for more plants.

Very satisfied
Wednesday, 4 August 2021  |  Treena

I already have 4 of these and they are lovely which is why I chose to purchase another 4. They are very sturdy and donít fade and most importantly save me from having to buy liners ever year!

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